Responsibilities towards our Planet

We continuously work on innovative approach to the environment that we do with our services. Over 99% of the paper in our packaging is recyclable. We have milestone in place to use 100% recycled papers on packaging. We are also in preparing to introduce electric motorcycle to minimize carbon footprint. That’s almost good enough.


New to Oye Food.Below we have some of the recently asked questions by our users.

Q - Where is Oye Food operating now?

A - Oye Food is operating in Jamshedpur for now. We have very aggressive plans to move to other cities as well.

Where Oye Food stands now in Jamshedpur?

A - Oye Food is at first place in Jamshedpur.

Q - Do Oye Food have a training programs for employees?

A - Yes, Oye Food has a very extensive training program for its employees. These training programs explains from customer interactions to behaviors not leaving the explanation of strict adherence to Oye Food standards.

How to place order through App or without app?

You can order food by choosing restaurant then menu , add to cart ,then choose payment option.Or Order just by calling on 9523098005. Food will be delivered to your address.Or Struck at any point then just give a call on the above number, our Oye Food team is always there to help you.

Q - Do Oye Food has any customer retention program?

A - Yes, Oye Food has the customer retention program.We are always there to help our customers at any point of time.

Q - What is the customer retention statistics?

A - More than 85% of our customers are retained on MAU basis

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